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Saturday, January 14th, 2006
3:34 pm
You know..
sometimes I really really can't even believe things that happen.
how could he honestly do this... :-/
...sigh.. i really hate people sometimes..
how could he do this to her.. seriously. what kind of d-bag does that..
But i love you anna. and well.
::HE:: can go to hell..

Your promises. They look like LIES.

Current Mood: angry..
Wednesday, January 4th, 2006
7:54 pm
Well. Haven't written in this thing in a while.
Yup.. had vacation. which was pretty crazy.
and the rest of this winter. is going to be the best
This weekend, spagetti dinner at sarahs! then dance party with anna til 1. then annas sleeping over.
the weekend after, i'm going to annas with alex m. to eat chinese for annas birthday..
or i'm going snowboarding.. for the first time. i'm going to die.
if her things not that weekend.
Ohh boy i'm excited.
I love it.
People are being pretty obnoxious lately. and that needs to END.
before.. i punch someone.
in the face.
anyway. i gotta do some lame science thing. and take a shower.
Peace home dogs. <3
anyway... bye

<3 Ohh boy. :)

Current Mood: cold
Friday, December 23rd, 2005
1:28 pm
i love the people in our school..
i love being upset...
:-/... i love how liking someone NEVER works out.
i love how i lost one of my best friends cuz they did one of the gayest things in the world.
i love how i lost another one of my good friends for them doing one of the gayest things in the world..
notice all of that sarcasim..
...wow. 1st day of vacation.. and it pretty much blows.


Current Mood: ...:-/
Saturday, December 17th, 2005
9:46 am
Good thing things are SO confusing lately. :-/
Idk.. oh boy. But i do love someone.. and thats whats confusing.
hmmm.. maybe i just kind of sound like an idiot.
haha. ohh well. thats all i had to say for now...

Don't let me let you go..

Current Mood: confused
Saturday, December 10th, 2005
8:55 pm
Well, I haven't written in this thing in a week, or two?
But yeah... its been pretty alright.
Besides the few times that have been gay.
And some people are treating one of my best friends like crap..
so that pretty much needs to end.. before i throw something at them.
actually.. i'm doing that on monday. so if your that person I"D WATCH OUT CUZ YOU GOT AN APPLE COMING AT YOU :)
I love my life. hahaha. seriously. some people.. are so gay.
And as for the people.. who write stuff in the livejournals like " i got soo stoned last night"
you seriously need to get punched.. I don't really care if you do it or not..
but seriously, who writes about it in there livejournal? i was thinking about that.. and i was like wow... you want people to know so bad you have to write in some journal?
Your the biggest idiots I know. so shut the hell up.
Actually.. thats basically only referring to the person being gay to my friend. CUZ YOUR A FAG.
But yeah.. its been good. A lot of pretty super things have happened. :)
:) Anyway, thats it for now.

So i'm out homie boys.

Current Mood: I know your jealous.
Friday, December 2nd, 2005
4:58 pm

Yeah. todays a good day.
actually this whole week was pretty good. i love it.
and.. i'm really happy... like. wow. :) <3333 I love this..
and i was supposed to sleepover annas.. but couldn't
so i'm sleeping over PAIGESSSSSSSSSS
which i haven't done in like 2 years. so i'm pretty much SYCHED.
(thats right i'm a gangster now)
<333333333AS I LAY DYING<33333333333333333333 AND THRICE<333333333333333333333333
:) wow. i love my life.

and you :)


Current Mood: :) wowwwwwwwwww
Thursday, November 24th, 2005
9:10 pm
well, i haven't written in this for a while..

uhh lets start at the beginning of vacation :)

friday-- i went over annas.. until... 9ish? and uh.. we watched phantom of the opera.. hahah. and mean girls? i think.. and i came home and megan was here.. so she slept over.. but i was sick so i went to bed

saturday-- i hung out with megan.. we did our cool ham thing.. hitting each other in the face with it. it was fun :) then we were driving megan home.. and paige was randomly walking down the road. so we hung out til like 7, taking pictures.. being crazy. then she went home.. and i watched a movie and went to bed.

sunday--.. uhhh i hung out with paige again, from like 4-9? something like that :) it was fun

monday-- umm.. i was home all day. then allie showed up selling wreaths.. and we decided to hang out! so at like 6 she called me and we went to go see Harry Potter 4! (yup.. were awesome) and we cried at one part for a minute (once again.. were awesome) ohh boy i love that woman!

tuesday-- I GOT MY HAIR CUT/COLORED!! I love it :) anyway.. after i went out with my mom, my sister, and my brother, and these 2 other kids my mom works with at school. and we all went to jokers! :) and we all climbed around the HUGE playhouse. that things the best... brings back memories of the good old days. then anna slept over!! :) I love her. and we watched this movie called thirteen.. and anna hated it.. and i fell asleep.

wednesday-- me and anna hung out and you know.. played some crazy sim 2 game on ebaumsworld. it was fun. ate some eggs.. yup. it was a good time.. then she left at like.. 7. and i played scattergories with my family! FAMILY TIME!.. so yeah.

Today-- Thanksgiving. :) TURKEY!! ohh man. this is the first day i've done NOTHING though. it snowed today though. and.. i don't like snow that much.. only for a little while. then i HATE it. but yeah.. i played scattergories again.. boy i sound like a nerd :) anyway.. thats it...cough..

and.. i'm kind of.. idk.. about something else..
:-/ i love him..

..enough of me being "emo".. cough. i'm out now.

<333 In that one moment I gave my heart away..

Current Mood: ..hmm?
Friday, November 11th, 2005
10:34 pm
wow.. you know what? i'm sick of going through this stupid "love" phase..
it never works out. and i know to some of you i probubly sound like a fag right now.
but i don't care. i'm sick of this. someone tells me they "love me" but there going out with someone else?!?!?
guess what.. your an idiot.. and your making me feel like one too..
so just fuck off..

</3 (sorry guys.. i'm in a pissy mood, i'll probubly regret typing this later.. oh well)

Current Mood: ...
Monday, October 31st, 2005
6:24 pm
well. lets just say halloween SUCKS.
..i'm pretty much having the worst day ever..
love sucks. alot. i mean. alot alot.
it never works out. in my case anyway.. i always end up fucking heart broken.
figures eh?
(sorry not trying to sound to much as an "emo" kid)
yeah.. i didn't go trick or treating, so i'm talking online to Taylor Perkins, who didn;t go either
and i love her for making me feel better :)

..so anyway.. i'm out


Current Mood: .
Friday, October 28th, 2005
5:38 pm

Saturday, October 22nd, 2005
9:15 pm
Yo.. i just got back from a haunted hayride
its been like the best night of my life sooo many people were there.
anna, sarah, devon, elise, garrett, tom, shayne, peter and rj.
And.. it was so awesome. The little creepy guys coming out of the woods. yeah. it was fun. Like chester the child molester. he was a good one hahaha.
and we got to stop at some witches brew stuff.. and we got free donuts! so at the next little place where people pop up, some guy ran up to me and was like ROAR I"M SCARY and i was like.. HEY WANT SOME DONUT OF DOOM?! and he walked off.. then i asked the next guy HEY..where did you come from?! and hes like FROM THE GRAVE! and i was like.. hmm.. WANT SOME DONUT FROM THE GRAVE?!.. yeah it was good. every stop we made.. i got picked on. Like this guy comes up with a "chainsaw" and i was like.. could you just not hit me in the.. head region.. it kind of freaks me out. so he runs off.. then the whole ride thing ended. and then me and anna went out to McDs.. it was good. now i'm home. and i'm eating the best ice cream cone of my LIFE :) YESS!!!

anyway i'm out foo. PEACE TO MY HOME BOYS!

(btw... me sarah and devons band name 'Burning Bush Bandits' got switched to DONUTS OF DOOM! :) Yeah what son?)

Robert I love you <33

and i love everyone else who was on that ride too. hahah

Wednesday, October 19th, 2005
6:03 pm
Well. I'm in a.. wierd mood. I don't really know why.. hmm.. yup.
I miss Robert
But i do love him... its been about 1 1/2 months... and.. i don't even know. i just love him. hes not lame.. or dramatic..
or PERVERTED... cough...
I really am happy with him. :) I love you Robert.

Yeah.. found out something pretty LAME today.
That my friend is LYING to me... yup. there making me quite mad at the moment.
And if they read this. then i don't care, i think your being queer.
He makes no sense...
i'm not going to get into it

Yeah but me krystal and paige went and got elise from the airport yesterday.
then went back to paiges. it was very fun. :) yup.

and thats all thats been exciting... like.. thats it.
so yup

Oh yeah i figured something out. my 2 month with Robert.. is 2 days after my mom and dads 19th year anniversary! :)

<3 Well i'm going to go now.

Robert I love you so much babe. XOXOXO

Current Mood: YEAHHH
Monday, October 17th, 2005
5:42 pm
:) I had.. a good time.
with my life. haha
Green days.. i'm telling ya..
there quite.. awesome. lol

Yup i was on the phone with robert for an hour and a half
it was so nice <3 I love him.

yup... elise is coming back tomorow!
and alex is coming back.. sometime. haha

anyway i'm out

i love you robert xoxoxo

PoKaCoW: ..........yo BEEFORONI.
haha i love anna too

Current Mood: YES YO!
Sunday, October 16th, 2005
8:54 pm
:) Well.. i'm probubly in the best mood of my LIFE
You see.. theres this guy. that i happen to be MADLY inlove with. like.. i haven't been happier.. ever.
I just talked to robert on the phone for an hour and a half.. and.. i love him!
yup... anyway
the float was fun..
and homecoming was awesome.
but they don't even compare to how awesome talking to robert was.. <3 I love him!

:) goodnight

Robert-- I love you so much babe.. can't wait for you to get up here.

p.s. i'm not leaving him for ANYONE or ANYTHING

Current Mood: WOOO I LOVE ROBERT!!!!
Sunday, October 9th, 2005
6:53 pm
hey everyone. today was awesome. FLOAT TIME! :)
Yup.. we barely even worked on the float. We all just talked alot.
but i guess i'm the hulk? yeah i'm pretty manly already :) haha
and i'm going homecoming dress shopping tomorow :) with possibly Torrie and Lizzer pan :)
anyway i'll catch you crazy cats later..

oh yeah andddd
ohh boy i love him

Current Mood: chipper
Saturday, October 8th, 2005
10:05 pm
i'll make this brief so i don't bore you with my life.

umm lets see.. thursday was superhero day
it was pretty awesome. wasn't very exciting though
friday hmm.. oh yeah. krystal came over for like an hour then we left for dustins bbq.
but we picked up torrie at the milkroom on the way.
and it was a pretty crazy ride there..
and we got there.. and i forgot money :-/ lol
they still let me in though.
then you know it was pretty boring at first..alex wasn't there when we showed up..
so you know the bands started to play
and then alex showed up and him and torrie were all happy :)
then i got dragged into this mosh pit.. cough
and torrie punched me in the face. and my lip started to bleed a little bit lol
i guess i deserved it though.. cuz i guess i punched her in the face? all i remeber was hitting her with a soda bottle
oh well whatever lol.
then everyone just started going everywhere, some people went skinny dipping.. random? and yeah some other stuff.
it was fun. then some people got all.. mad/sad/idk lol. so me and torrie decided to go on a walk. then alex popped up
and he walked with us for a bit.
then you know more people got mad.
and yeah.. thats it.

today i've been hanging out with mark and his new girlfriend :)
tomorows float day :) i actually don't know if i'm excited.. queer.. oh well.

and yup i love robert.
hes awesome
and hott.
and yup :)

hahaha i'll talk to you all later now.
..even though.. i'm not really technically TALKING to you
maybe i should shut up now. haha

Current Mood: tired
Tuesday, October 4th, 2005
7:33 pm
I'm in a pretty great mood. Went to shakerland for gym with sarah allie lyndsay and garrett. good times :)
and yeah.. pretty fun day today.
Thursdays hero dress up day :) AND I'M BEING SUPERMAN!

and guess what everyone...

I love that guy!

oh man. I'm a happy person
and the floats this weekend..
and marks coming, and i'm going dress shopping
and coloring and cutting my hair..
and fridays fryberg fair foo!

well i gotta go now.
Robert i love you so much hun

by the way HES COMING UP IN 2 WEEKS!!!!!!! <333

Current Mood: smile.. you got frenchs :)
Sunday, October 2nd, 2005
8:37 pm
Well i pretty much had the best weekend of my life.

Friday-- Alex left :-/ and me and torrie stayed after so we could go to allies after her game, and torrie got all sad.. and i did too. but yeah it got better, cuz we met up with devon and sarah and all those crazy people. we went to the milkroom and yeah we went back to the high school and me devon sarah and torrie picked up some field hockey balls and ms fournier (my 6th grade teacher) came over and started flipping out saying we stole them.. and i was like... no. lol then we to Allies, which was like a reunion for me cuz i haven't been to her house since i was FIVE! it was awesome though, devon and sarah called and told us they were trying to win a fallout boy cd on the radio hahah. it was awesome. the torrie FINALLY watched Anchorman. it was awesome haha. then we fell asleep.

Saturday-- Yup.. woke up.. allie straightened my hair.. went to a football game. then decided to go to the movies with allie devon taylor d. tom b. garrett and matt. and it was fun, except me and devon left cuz that movie was scaring the crap out of us.. so we walked around and looked for spare change to play those crazy games in the theater. and we actually won one! :-D (cough now that that part of my life is over.. haha that saying annoyed devon and allie alot. lol) yeah.. and then we went to wendys.. and ate. then i went home.

Sunday-- decided to go to the Fryberg fair (if thats how you spell it) and i called some people to see if they were going, and me and allie made plans to go so we went. then we found out torrie and kyle were there, so we hung out with them for a while and it was fun :) and then on the way home.. we got lost.. like 3 times. haha. it was a good time.. yeah

so theres school tomorow.. which sucks.. but thats alright :)
so.. yeah.. bye lol

Robert I love you <333

oh yeah.. and tomorow is my ONE MONTH with Robert <33 :)
ohh boy.

-<3- Nikki

Current Mood: yessss
Thursday, September 29th, 2005
6:13 pm
Hey people
found out really bad news today.. that alex is moving :-/
and everyones all upset and stuff.
:( I talked to torrie on the phone about it for like.. 2 hours.
And i guess hes still going to work on the float at my house? haha
:) i'm happy about that one.
Still its going to be wierd..

Message to anyone having to do with this whole me robert and cam thing: I'm glad that you guys are trying to stick up for me and stuff, but I don't want to deal with this anymore, I mean if something really lame is said then fine whatever, but its pointless to keep this stuff up, I don't even know cam lol. I'm not trying to be like the peace maker but you know.. its just kinda.. idk i just don't really know the WHOLE story so i don't really want to be dragged into it. But yeah.. anyway.

Robert- I love you babe. I can't wait to see you :) xoxoxo

Current Mood: sad/happy/sick
Wednesday, September 28th, 2005
6:40 pm
Alright, I've been hearing some pretty wierd stuff going around about me and robert and some stuff with people in virginia.
Now, i'm not going to make any assumptions, cuz i'm not going to act lame, cuz i don't know the whole story.
But i just want people to know that i love robert, and i'm not leaving him for anything, he trusts me so i trust him.
And if he does want to leave me, i'm not going to hate him.
But then again, I don't think he'd move up here to leave me.
And i know that sounded kind of.. me being a wench
but it didn't mean to sound that way.
i'm just trying to get the point across that i'm not going to be the one to leave him.
So don't try to start anything with me if thats what any of you have planned
this isn't going out to a specific person, but i've just been hearing wierd stuff
and i don't want this relationship to get all messed up.

So as a message to Robert- As i've said a few times, i'm not leaving you for anything, or because of anyone. I love you way to much to do that. I love you babe. xoxoxo

(this whole message does sound rather.. uh. bitchy? but thats not the way i intended it to sound, i just love robert way to much to let this go..)

-<3- Nikki

Current Mood: I love robert :)
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